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Samantha Shields
My love of music started when I was four (a very long time ago now!). Like most young girls, I was obsessed with princesses and of course princess films. My favourite being The Swan Princess. One day whilst watching it for probably the hundredth time!- I burst into song and what came out changed my life forever! My grandmother, a singer herself, heard me; describing my voice as gentle yet older than my years. My grandmother, or as I knew her ‘Burko’, quickly realised my potential and began teaching me how to sing basic harmonies, with a little help along the way from Julie Andrews and ‘The Sound of Music’!
After years of singing at family gatherings – and for drunken folk!- I decided I wanted to study music, and make my living through something I’d loved since I was a little girl. I am currently doing an honours degree in popular music at the City of Liverpool College. Since starting my degree, I have gained valuable experience in performing, learnt how to use various software and equipment as well as gaining experience in the recording studio. I have a competent understanding of music theory and have gained insight into the music industry through my studies.
I’m also in a folk duo called ‘Visions of Albion’ with my partner. We do gigs across Liverpool and Wirral. Although Folk music is just one of my many passions, my repertoire is very varied and I have performed in rock bands, soul groups, indie bands and with big bands. I’m confident singing lead or backing; always looking to add my own style to each project I work on.
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Jacob Solarek started learning the guitar as a teenager and later went on to study music at The City of Liverpool College. During his studies he started playing at the college’s Big Band as well as learning to play piano and sing. Since he has come to Liverpool, he’s became a busy solo performer and participant in many band projects as The Cubes. While continuing his music study he’s leading his band – recording its music and playing concerts – participating in EHU Big Band and solo performing in local venues.
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My name is Simon Smith. I am a musician from Liverpool and I have been playing for around 6 years. I have been involved in projects around the city and I play within a number of styles from Jazz to rock to Metal. I am currently studying on a popular music degree with in the City of Liverpool College, where I started my studies and learning my instrument and music theory on the BTEC Level 3 course. I have also worked as a part time sound engineer for a record label and work in main venues such as the Echo Arena and the Ritz in Liverpool and Manchester Arena working the PA and setting up the stage for the artists, and for local bands within the Liverpool scene and promoting and putting on events. Musically, I have played with two different bands doing covers and original music as well as playing with a function band in the London circuit on the weekend and composing when I have time between projects. After my study I would like to become a music teacher or assistant for special needs children and carry on with my projects and technician work.