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My name is John Mooney and I am 48 years old and from Liverpool. I first started playing the guitar as a boy getting my first and only couple of childhood lessons off my father who is also a guitarist. I am from a very long line of musicians and can trace music in my family back to the eighteen hundreds at least! When I left school I played with my uncle Mick in various combos around Liverpool's dock road six and seven nights a week and some afternoons too. I was mainly playing country music as the country scene in Liverpool was massive at the time, and playing this often is where I learned my trade. I went on to play with a few award winning country music bands and played lots of venues up and down the country. I also had a love of swing music and jazz growing up – I was exposed to lots of this music with my father being a jazz guitarist and playing lots of Django and Johnny Smith records in the house. At the age of 23 I stopped playing music altogether for various reasons and only started again about four years ago. After such a long lay off I knew that some serious practice had to be done and after reading The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle with its “10,000 hour rule” I embarked on carrying this out and have been practising constantly for the last four years. My ongoing campaign for musical knowledge led me to The City of Liverpool College and a Foundation Degree in Popular Music and I hope to carry on my learning in Salford University next year. I am currently playing in various venues and with different people around Liverpool's pubs and clubs and hope to carry on as long as I can, as performing music is my true passion.